Chickpea Curry

After the snow over the weekend I haven’t been able to do a full food shop yet. Dinner consisted of cupboard essentials and some veg we still had in the cupboard- chickpea curry!

It was quite easy as I have some chilli and garlic and ginger frozen in an ice cube try- makes life sooo much easier than having to do it every time! We had onions so chopped these and along with a cube of ginger and garlic and fried them off with some cumin as well. Once onions were translucent I added some garam masala, turmeric and chilli powder.

The mixture becomes quite dry then so added some tinned chopped tomatoes. Once that was stirred in added some cooked chickpeas and let that boil- I did add some water as I prefer it a little more liquid. I let this boil for 15 minutes- the chickpeas were already cooked so I just wanted them a little softer.

Whilst that was on I boiled some rice and once done added some cumin seeds- I love cumin rice!!

To serve just poured the rice on a plate and then followed by some curry! It was surprisingly easy and so tasty!!

After having a flu which took me out for two weeks it’s nice to be back on track with healthy home cooked food and exercise as well.

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