Courgette curry

I have found making curries are one of the easiest options for the foods I’m able to eat. Yesterday I decided to make a courgette curry which took probably about an hour.

I cheat a little with ginger and garlic as I make batches and then freeze it in ice cube trays! Next time I do it I’ll make a post about it ☺️

I started by putting a cube in a pan with a tiny bit of dairy free butter. I put one onion and half a chilli into the food processor and then added these to the pan too. I let these brown and at the same time used a slicer on one courgette.

Once onions had browned I added a table spoon of Garam masala, teaspoon of salt and tea spoon of turmeric. Once it became dry I added 6 chopped cherry tomatoes. 🍅. I stirred and then added a tin of chopped tomatoes to the mix too.

Once this was bubbling I added the courgettes and stirred them in. You then just have to cook until the courgettes become soft. I decided to throw them into a oven dish and cover it as it meant I didn’t have to keep stirring it and could continue what I was doing!

I then boiled some rice, once boiled adding some cumin seeds and salt.

Just before serving I stirred a handful of spinach leaves to the curry so they wilted and then poured this over the curry. It was surprisingly delicious as normally I use aubergines so nice to know I can probably do the same mix with just about any veg!!

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