Guilt Free Burger yum

When I go out for lunch I don’t usually have many options other than salad! One thing I LOVE about going to work in London is the options of foods.

I usually go for a vegan restaurant as it means I can eat near enough everything without nuts in! As it was a Friday (and my managers treat!) we decided to go to Honest Burger!

I’ve been before and always found the gluten free buns aren’t that great and a little hard and crumbly- not what a burger should be!

Today’s burger and bun was amazing! It definitely was my treat for the day and I don’t feel guilty for having it as I know the ingredients weren’t going to cause me to have severe cramping or migraines for the weekend!

If anyone is around in London then please go try honest burger! They are reasonably priced and their rosemary fries are amazing! The one part that I didn’t feel to guilty about was the mint lemonade which was really refreshing!

Best part about it was I didn’t feel bloated and uncomfortable and carried on with my afternoon without any discomfort!

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