So I wasn’t so keen to start taking probiotics as I had taken them previously as a tablet and hadn’t really liked them.

As I found out I was lactose intolerant that probably explains why I didn’t like them and I didn’t feel they made a difference as a lot of them contain lactose or even sometimes gluten!!

I did some reading and thought I may as well try the powder. Not going to lie I was a bit wary as thought it would taste vile as at least with a pill you swallow it and that’s it! I was pleasantly surprised though!

I have to pour a level teaspoon into my cup and add warm water. I then have to leave it for 10 minutes and then drink it up. I drink it before bed so it’s part of my routine now and I haven’t forgotten to have it yet!! It has a subtle vanilla flavour which I can imagine makes it taste nicer too.

I have been having this for a week now alongside aloe Vera with water and following my new diet which excludes certain foods and can honestly say I have noticed a difference ☺️

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