BIM Testing

Like me at first you may be thinking what is BIM?! Well I will try and explain best as I can! It stands for BioEnergetic Impedance Measurement. When I first signed up to do it I thought it was going to include some style of accupuncture so was a bit worried but it was nothing like what I expected!

I sat down in a room for my appointment and first thing I did was discuss some of my problems and symptoms with my consultant. I explained what I wanted to get out of it and then asked what it involved.

Well surprisingly I had to just sit there. For someone with a phobia of needles and blood tests I was so relieved that’s all I had to do! I first had to have specific points tested on both my left and right hand to find the best point my consultant could use. All I did was hold a brass rod in one hand whilst he tested the opposite hand on parts of my fingers. I was expecting to feel some form of electric shock but nothing just felt something cold touching my finger.

I then sat there for a while whilst testing different food categories and could see the results on the screen straight away. Basically the way it works is it checks the energetic balance of organs and systems and can see if certain foods could be affecting that. It compares my results to the average across their databases and will show whether it is higher or lower. Their is a threshold so you can clearly see when items go higher over the line.

I won’t go into the details of my results in this post but I can say I was actually surprised at how much they revealed about me! My consultant asked me questions throughout such as do you find it difficult sleeping? Did you ever have stomach acid/ ulcer problems? Which I do but never did I think this test would point that out just by showing the foods I couldn’t eat!

The hormone test was the same process and checked a set number of hormones and my levels of these. Again I was surprised at some of these and I’d probably say I was more surprised by these than some of the foods and they definitely triggered something in me that I have to make a lifestyle change!

Any questions please contact me or leave a comment!

I’ll post about my results soon too!

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