About Me

Before I start sharing how and why I’m changing my lifestyle I’ll explain why I’m having to do this and what I was doing previously.

I’m now 28 but I was 22 when I first started facing some issues. At the age of 20-21 I was fortunate enough to go spend a year in the US. As you can imagine I was ecstatic and I ate every item of food which I couldn’t get in the UK because why not?!

By the time I got back I had put on two dress-sizes which I didn’t really mind but then I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. I was 22 and the pain I was in was horrendous. To make it worse I was also in my final year of uni so the stress of that didn’t really help either. I had to cut out alcohol for six months as well as a lot of foods but managed to recover and start to feel better again.

I had some random issues throughout the years that followed with a blood test at one point showing I was intolerant to : gluten, lactose, eggs, peanuts & soy! Again I was baffled as surely I couldn’t not eat all those foods! I went to see a dietician and it took a while but I managed to cut them all out but not without some drawbacks such as losing too much weight and not having much energy.

After a while some issues starting coming up again and the doctors diagnosed me with IBS. Again I was baffled as what else could I cut out of my diet! I started keeping a food diary but something which was a trigger one day wouldn’t be the next so I couldn’t distinguish what my triggers were. I knew I wasn’t exercising as much as I should be so started going to the gym and running but nothing seemed to help.

This left me feeling hopeless after a while and I ended up just eating what I wanted again and introduced all the foods which I shouldn’t have been eating as well as quitting my gym membership.

My partner started going for accupuncture at our local Healthcare centre and saw a leaflet for BIM testing which could show you intolerances to over 100 food items and straight away signed me up!

Well I’ve now had my test and I hope it was beneficial but only the next couple of months will show it.

I will share what the BIM testing was like in my next post.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Sorry to hear about your health struggles! I have been in a similar situation where the list of foods you are suddenly allergic/sensitive too just keeps going up. 😦
    Have you heard of NAET? It hasn’t solved all my problems, but has helped a lot!
    And if you read about it, it might sound odd, but I just like to think of it as acupuncture without the needles. Good luck with your journey! https://www.naet.com/

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  2. Hiya, I’ve not heard of that before but will definitely have a read of it as looks like it could be beneficial! I know it will be a long journey to fully feel 100% but hoping some different methods can eradicate a lot of the symptoms!

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